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The Treblemaker is a variable treble bleed circuit that gives a vast array of flexibility.

Whether you want a resistor in series, parallel or both, the ‘Treblemaker’ can accommodate. See description for full details.

ONE Terminal OPERATING TOOL is included as a FREE GIFT with your first Treblemaker order.

USE OF THIS TOOL IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO PREVENT DAMAGE! Although possible to operate the terminals without, it makes connection a lot easier prevents damage to the terminal tabs from pushing down too far or stressing over time.

If you require additional operating tools they are available for purchase seperately HERE..

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This solves the problem of a treble bleed that’s too brash sounding, or dull sounding when the volume is turned down on your axe! Why compromise or make do? Try every circuit there is and fine tune the “Treblemaker” to your guitar.

We call the Treblemaker the ‘Signature Treble Bleed System’ for a reason. It’s more than just a variable treble bleed circuit. With a vast array of flexibility at your fingertips, you’ll soon find your signature sound suited to your gear and ear! Yet this is more simple than any other treble bleed in the world to try out and tweak. Plus you can always go back and adjust it if the need arises without any more soldering.

A selection of 6 mylar polyester capacitors, of varying values, are supplied, but any capacitor of your choice can be used! Easy to follow INSTRUCTIONS.

Whether you want a resistor in series, parallel or both, the ‘Treblemaker’ can accommodate. Each resistor can be switched on and off and is adjustable from around 10kOhms up to 500kOhms. So any circuit you want to try is possible!! Kinman, Duncan or a combination can be tried out.

This can even replicate the same circuit as the “Fender Tone Saver” with the advantage of being tweak-able to your pick-ups and cable length.

Crocodile clips are included so you can try the circuit, and adjust externally to the guitar, before soldering and mounting in the control cavity. You could even use this as a test rig to determine what components you want for your guitar treble bleed.

The Treblemaker reflects my solution to the frustration of not being able to easily try the different ways of doing treble bleeds/high pass filters.


Parts Included

  • Treblemaker V2T
  • 470pF capacitor – 2A471J
  • 560pF capacitor – 561J
  • 680pF capacitor – 2A681J
  • 1nF capacitor – 2A102J
  • 1.2nF capacitor – 2A122J
  • 1.5nF capacitor 2A152J
  • 2 x Crocodile clips with attached lead (colours will vary)
  • 2x Adhesive backed Velcro
  • 1 x Pot Adjustment screwdriver


Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 1 cm

6 reviews for Treblemaker – Signature Treble Bleed System

  1. Jamie (verified owner)

    This is a great little kit which is easy to fit – either with or without solder. It gives a much better tone when you roll off your guitar volume, with plenty of tonal options to adjust to your own liking and is really easy to adjust. Can’t say I’ve seen another treble bleed kit like this, I’ve got them fitted in 2 guitars, a Stratocaster and an SG, both sizes fit in each of these with ease too. I honestly can’t recommend these enough!

    • Ben

      Thanks very much for the review. Glad it’s working well for you!

  2. briharrison

    Absolutely brilliant solution for trying the different components needed for a treble bleed filter.
    Very well made circuit board, nice size, very easy to try different component values. Extra resistors and capacitors supplied which is a real bonus. Thanks!

  3. angelopetulla (verified owner)

    One tool to Rule them All
    This is Something Really Usefull if You’re going to Master ”The” Treble Bleed Mod.
    It allows You to Experiment and easily find which type of TB totally suits for You, and also to fine tune it at Your taste for each of Your guitars or Pick Up, saving You a Lot of Time soldering trying differents Capacitorss and Resistors values. Well done Mars-Tronic!

  4. Daniel

    This is such a simple kit that allows me to add options to all the guitars I build that I used to not bother with. It is very simple to use too. It’s certainly changed the way I wire up all my guitars now.

    • Ben

      Thanks for the kind review Daniel! Glad you like the Treblemaker

  5. Dimitri (verified owner)

    The best variable treble bleed I’ve tried. Highly recommended. The ability to to easily swap capacitors and alter resistor values is what makes this product truly unique. You’ll never be bound to any single setting of treble bleed. The use of a multimeter to check and fine-tune resistor values is an enormous plus and what sets this unit ahead of the rest. I’d strongly recommend purchasing the took for changing the caps. Purchased another 2 shortly after using the first unit I bought. All my guitars will eventually be equipped with the Treblemaker Variable kit. The excellent customer service is the icing on the cake.

  6. Dave

    Fantastic bit of kit. Has elevated the sound of my PRS SE to the next level. Literally would not believe such a small device could make such a big difference.
    I used the full version to find the sound I wanted and then soldered in the slimline version. That said you could certainly use this without soldering as it comes with crocodile clips.
    Absolute must have on any guitar for me now. Also Ben was the most helpful and his customer focus is up with the best out there. Buy with confidence, you will be pleased you did do.
    Thank Ben 😀

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