Have you ever had a pair of shoes that fit just right? Like they were made, just for you?

The difference between the Treblemaker and most other treble bleeds, is the difference between those comfy shoes and pair of wooden clogs. This is the most flexible treble bleed circuit in the world! Your tone. Made for you.

The Treblemaker is a customisable variable Treble Bleed mod that allows you to experiment with both parallel and series resistors in the treble bleed circuit, pick your capacitor, and fine tune to your gear and cables! Basically every treble bleed circuit combination is at your fingertips!

It comes in two versions:

The Treblemaker has push fit terminals. And because it’s supplied with crocodile clip leads, before soldering in, it can be set up and tested, without getting out the soldering iron!

Treblemaker: Included are 6 capacitors, sticky backed fixing velcro and an adjustment screwdriver. One terminal tool is also included with your order.

The Treblemaker Slimline is our solder only, wallet friendly version. It’s ideal for if you already have a capacitor in mind. If you have experimented with the Treblemaker already and decided on your favourite treble bleed, but still want the flexibility the Treblemaker gives you over a traditional treble bleed, this is the one for you!

Treblemaker Slimline: 6 capacitors, sticky backed fixing velcro and an adjustment screwdriver are included.

Pherotone Studios Treblemaker Review

Here’s an excerpt from Pherotone Studios’ review of the Treblemaker. Full version here.

Marstronix Treble maker Treble BleedMarstronix Treble maker Treble Bleed

Guitarist Magazine Review

See what Guitarist Magazine UK had to say about the MARS-TRONIC Treblemaker as heard in the PJD Carey Apprentice below.

PJD Carey Apprentice DemoPJD Carey Apprentice Demo
Demo of the Treblemaker in the PJD Carey Apprentice by Guitarist Magazine UK

What makes this Treble Bleed different?

In short, like any treble bleed, as you reduce the volume you don’t get the usual drop off of the treble/ high frequency sounds. However unlike most treble bleeds you can fine tune and experiment with a series and parallel resistor. This is a precision tool!

In the Treblemaker all the main treble bleed configurations can be tried and fine tuned with the flick of a switch and turn of a screw. Pick a capacitor and then engage the parallel or series resistor, or even both at the same time. Each can be varied between 10kohms and around 500kohms for full flexibility.

The Mars-Tronic Treble maker is simply the worlds best treble bleed. The only treble bleed with the flexibility to let you find your sound!

Here’s some reviews :

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