Versatone – Guitar Tone Multi-Capacitor


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The Versatone has 7 values of tone capacitor, controlled from a rotary 8 way switch. One position has the option of no capacitor, or can be soldered in by the user.

Simply connect up terminals 1 and 2 as you would a normal tone capacitor.

This is excellent to help you decide which capacitor value  you want to use with your guitar, or can be put on board and included in your guitar wiring to adjust the colour of your tone control on the fly!

Starting and full anti-clockwise and working around to full clockwise, the capacitor values are:

1. Off or Spare Capacitor Slot
2. 100nF (0.1uF)
3. 68nF (0.068uF)
4. 47nF (0.047uF)
5. 33nF. (0.033uF)
6. 22nF (0.022uF)
7. 15nF (0.015uF)
8. 10nF (0.01uF)

The shaft on the rotary switch is 9mm, M9 thread. It is a 4.5mm D type actuator, so if you want to fit a knob to it, it will need to be a universal type of a D type knob.

The rotary switch itself on the board is an Alps Alpine SRBV181004

The Datasheet can be found here:


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